King of Crows V: The King Comes Here Tonight : Short Play Festival
feature show

King of Crows V: The King Comes Here Tonight


The Crowbait Club proudly presents its fifth annual fully-produced production of the winners of the Club's notorious monthly Theatre Deathmatches...

It's a full evening of theatre presented in tasty 10 minute servings. And the dishes run the gamut: from serious drama, to farce, to outrageous comedy, and frankly some we haven't quite figured out yet. Each play is a world premiere work and has held off some cutthroat Deathmatch competition in order to be served up here for you.

Note to parents: This show is not for children. 13 and up please.

The Plays:

Brent Askari - The Other Flight
John Bowker - Everything Goes Awry
Michael Cheung - Mother Nature  
Lynne Cullen - Aunt Viola
Sally Hinckley - Poles Apart
Jay W. Jones - Save The Beer!
Kat Loef - No Escape From the Green and Purple Little People
Katy Rydell - Truck Driver
Doni Tamblyn - Give Til It Hurts
Michael Tooher - 180

Music Director : Victoria Stubbs
Technical Director : Iain Odlin
Production Stage Manager : Sarah LaPointe
Graphics : Lynne Cullen
Costume Coordinator : Allison McCall

The Directors:

Allison McCall
Charlie Cole
Jennifer Slack-Eaton
Khalil LeSaldo
Michael Tooher

The Cast:

Kerri Becker
James Cagney IV
Andrea Carr
Charlie Cole
Rebecca Cole
EB Coughlin
Darby DeFilippis
Molly Eliza Donlan  
Kim Gordon
Chalmers Hardenbergh  
Randy Hunt  
Ben Keller
Owen Keller
Matt Kennedy
Jason LeSaldo    
Tony Morin
Gwyneth Nicholson
Deb Paley
Sean Senior