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Beverly Baker
Kassandra Barbour
Richard Barringer
Lin Lisberger and Peter Bass**
Sandra Bauer
Tom Beck and Kerri Jones
Edmund and Ruth Benedikt
Christine Bennett
Frank Bishop*
Jean Blanchard
Brenda Boothby
Ethan and Lauri Boxer-Macomber
Mike Brennan and Joan Martay
Gayle Briggs and Joe Sukaskas
Steve Brinn
Donna Bryant
Andrew and Lindsey Cadot
David Cann
Mark Carpentier
Joseph Cerny
Chris Chandler
Barbara Vestal and Ned Chester
Jenny Cleaves
Sally Clifford
Frank Cloutier and Crandall Toothaker
Kenneth Cole and Anne Ireland
Alexsandra Coles
Madeleine Corson
Arnold and Roseanne Cote
Nan Cumming* and Drew Masterman
Albert and Carol Curran
Michael and Carla Cutting
John and Anne Danaher
Kathleen and Peter Dane
Jerry and Gretchen Davis
Chuck de Sieyes and Carol Ward
Orlando and Judy Delogu
Connie Densmore
Mary Ellen Deschenes
Marylee and Charles Dodge
Diane Dombrowski
Priscilla Dreyman
Gretchen and Stephen Drown
Benjamin F. Dudley II
Peter and Betsy Dunphy
Diane Dussault
John Edwards
Thomas Edwards
Elizabeth  Ehrenfeld
Tom and Betsy Elliman
Christopher Emmons
Cindy and David Eskeland
Barbara Everett
Mary and Lonnie Floyd
Viola L. Fogg
Fred Forsely
Sara Foster
Dorry French
Frank Frye
Edwin and Gloria Gallant
Richard Gammon
Ed Gardner and Steve DiMuccio
Terry and Mandy Garmey
Patricia Garrett
Anne Gass
Michelle and Guy Gaudette**
Roger and Betty Gilmore
Meg Giorgio
Carol Goloff
Muriel Goodspeed
Bill and Nancy Gregory
Zdenka and John Griswold
Cyrus and Patricia Hagge
Dan and Connie Haley
Barbara Loewenberg-Irlandy and Jon F. Hall
Sherwood Hamill and Angela Adams
Betsy and Eric Handley
Gunnel Hansen and Einar Juhlin
Robert Goodreau
Charles Harriman
Sharon Henry
Richard and Diane Herman
Janet K. Hertzberg
Horace and Alison Hildreth
George J. Hillman
Wilma Leinonen and Richard Hogue
Jeffrey and Elizabeth Holmstrom
Bruce and Marion Hopkins
Royal Hoyt
Cindy and Bruce Hyman**
Jamie Isaacson** and Kris Ladd
Mark Isaacson and Karen Herold
Thomas Isaacson
Sheila Jackson
Alexander Jaegerman
James and Carolyn Birmingham
Lois Johnson
Paula A. Johnson
Resa Jones
Mary Jo and John Keffer
C. David Keith and Stephen Simpson
Donald King
Julia Kirby
Bob and Maggie Kirby
Renee LaChance
Bill LaLiberte*
Victoria Lambert and Ted Arnold
Jana LaPoint
Ann Marie Lemire
Jean R. Leonard
Rob Levin and Sarah Cushman
Kali Lightfoot
Alan Spears and Mary Allen Lindeman
C. Susan Link
Deborah Luhrs
Abigail Lumsden
Loretta MacKinnon
Jerry and Liz Mansfield
Berry Manter
Cheryl and Michael McCall
Lois Hinckley and Edward McCarthy
John McClean
Stephen and Christine McDuffie
Jennifer and David McGonigle
Mary Ann McLean
Judy and Charlie Micoleau
Henry and Barbara Milburn
William Milliken
Robert and Jeanne Moldaver
Nance Monaghan
Jane and Bill Moody
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Blaine Moores
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Herbert and Mary Lou Moulton
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Jeanne Najemy and Richard Bryant
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Steve Sunenblick
Mary Noyes
James and Margaret Minister O'Keefe
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Richard Plunkett
Anne and Harry Pringle
Lucinda Pyne
Bob Raff
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Lynn and Ted Reese
Howard and Elizabeth Rennie
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Philip Rhinelander
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D. Robinson and Libby Marcus
John Rogers
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Rob Ruesch and Julia Finn
Patricia Ryan
Nan Sawyer*
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Jeffrey Schwartz
Sarah Scully
Justin G. Sharaf
Priscilla Shea
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Caroline Southall
Kenneth Spirer and Joan Leitzer
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Dick and Betty Umbel
Steve Underwood and Brian Allen
Teresa Valliere
Vincent and Susan Veligor
David Wade
Brian and Mary Anne Wallace
Harry Warren
Lawrence Welsher
Carol and David West
Kay K. White
Jenifer Wikstrom and Paul Morrissey
Susanne Willard
John and Holly Williams
Rebecca Wing and Terry Fralich
Susan H. Winn
Thomas and Debrah Yale
Sue Yandell
Donna J. Yellen
Donald and Linda Zillman
Kate and Robert Zimmerman



**Board of Directors, Friends of St. Lawrence church

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